Sunday, March 27, 2011

A great week

What a week we had.   I made a trip to Rochester to have Pik  BAER tested this week  just wanted to be sure he really is being a turkey and he really is just being a turkey. But now the game is up an he knows it.  It is funny how once a seed is planted in your mind how it can grow and you just cant get the idea out.  I know he hears me now,  I have always thought he could but what if. Can't really blame him for not listening all the time if he can't  listen.  He stops a lot better with the question and wondering out of my voice.    Some of our beginner and novice students are really springing into spring with better understanding and outruns to go with it, very proud of you all.  My Collie ladies have gone from zero to not bad in just the winter. I expect them to do very well in the first trials this spring.  Perk and Cris are driving in the small field, Lori and  Teka are driving a large group of sheep pretty darn good.  I really like doc's kelpie.  My Flock is really showing the lambs to come in April with full bellies all around.  Over the winter Gnat found new meaning in some of her commands so I am working on changing our vocabulary a bit ( if I could run faster and she blew the whistles it might work better). But seriously she is showing me some of her best work ever and I think she knows it.  Scout is stretching out her outruns and driving a bit now that we have some bigger spaces to work in.
Just a darn good week. And its only march


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